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Dr. Rishika Chauhan 

Consultant Ophthalmologist 
Cataract Surgeon 
LASIK Surgeon 

Dr. Rishika Chauhan : Meet Our Doctors

Dr Rishika Chauhan was born in a family of doctors. Since childhood she had seen her Grandfather organising free eye cataract surgery camps to help the less affording and less fortunate. She used to accompany her grandfather while he was organising these camps as well as during the camps. 

She saw how patients with No  or very poor vision would often come in - supported by a family member - unable to walk even to the washroom as they could not see.  And how after surgery they could walk unaided with a smile on their faces - being able to see their loved ones faces. 

Her father- A doctor too - taught her - The more you help people and give to the society the more God will smile upon you.

Somewhere all this registered, along with the desire to give people vision - to see the beautiful world around us. 

Since a child Dr Rishika knew she wanted to become a doctor and give people the most important sense - the SENSE of SIGHT- VISION. 

Dr Rishika Chauhan completed her MBBS from a AJIMS (2003) – after which she pursued her Post Graduation in Ophthalmology - from 2009 from MS Ramaiah Medical College -one of the best medical colleges of Bangalore. She also underwent training in LVPE Eye Institute, Hyderabad – one of India’s topmost Eye Hospital with leading eye care solutions.

Following this she did her fellowship in Phaco and Refractive Surgery (LASIK/ SMILE/ ICL)  - 2012 to 2013 in Nethradhama Super Speciality Eye Hospital under the expert guidance of world-renowned Phaco and LASIK surgeon -Dr Sri Ganesh. 

During and post her fellowship Dr Rishika Chauhan taught and  trained several young surgeons to hone their skills in cataract surgery. 

She authored and published several international papers on LASIK and SMILE surgery in renowned journals of ophthalmology – Journal of refractive surgery and international Journal of ophthalmology. 

She is one of the reviewers of articles sent for publication in international Journal of ophthalmology. 

Dr Rishika Chauhan went on to work as a Consultant in Vasan eye care Hosur 2014 to 2016 where she performed over 3000 PHACO surgeries. 

Dr Rishika Chauhan has also been associated with multiple charitable institutions – Narayan Seva mandal, Ghatkopar East;  Lions Club Ghatkopar and PramukhSwami Eye Hospital Chunabhatti. 

She has done several outreach programmes and arranged thousands of free eye checkup camps and cataract surgeries. Dr Rishika has been heading the Eye department at Sharan Hospital since the last five years and has performed 3000+ Phaco surgeries and 500 refractive surgeries (LASIK and ICL).

Free Paper Presentations: 


1. Free paper presentation in AIOS 2014, Agra, titled : “Our experience with RELEX SMILE in 550 eyes” feb 6th, 2014.


2. Oral paper presentation : Presented free paper on “ A Study of prognostic factors and role of steroids in Traumatic Optic Neuropathy” at 30th annual conference of Karnataka ophthalmic society (KOS).


3.Video presentation in 10- best award winning video category at annual conference of Karnataka ophthalmic society (KOS), Nov, 2013 titled “ Secondary piggyback IOL following Refractive lensectomy and RK.” 


4. Poster presentation in KOS “Curious case of first branchial arch syndrome with central core myopathy presenting with bilateral congenital ptosis”.


5. Co authored “Prospective Study of Ocular Trauma in Road Traffic Accidents between april 2009 to march 2011”, presented at World Ophthalmic Conference, Abu Dabhi, Feb 2012.




1)   “A comparative study of patients undergoing RELEX SMILE with one eye interface-wash and the contralateral eye without interface wash” to Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology.


2)  “Accelerated versus Conventional Corneal Collagen Cross-linking in the treatment of progressive Keratoconus: A comparative study” to American Journal of Ophthalmology.











Certificate of completion of “Cataract Surgery in developing countries” course by AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmolgy).

Dr. Rishika Chauhan : Text

International Indexed Publication 

Comparison of Visual and Refractive Outcomes following Femtosecond Laser assisted LASIK with SMILE in patients with myopia or myopic astigmatism. 

Dr. Rishika Chauhan : Image

International Publication 

Visual and Refractive Outcomes with ReLEx SMILE  in 600 eyes 

Dr. Rishika Chauhan : Image

National Indexed Publication 

Published in JIMA (Journal of Indian Medical Association) 

Dr. Rishika Chauhan : Image

Paper published in Chakshu 

Dr. Rishika Chauhan : Image

Published in Chakshu 

Dr. Rishika Chauhan : Image



Our friend Mr. Vinod Mehta who was operated a few days back - recommend us to go to Dr. Rishika Chauhan for Cataract Surgery and no one else. This is not just a hospital but more of a family. All staff members  are  friendly & helpful. Dr. Rishika Chauhan is an outstandingly skillful doctor and solves and meets all patient requirements. She has done several charitable surgeries which is how my Friend Mr. Vinod Mehta got to know the Doctor. I had been visiting another clinic but now me and all family members will come to Sharan Hospital for any eye related problems. I wish Dr. Rishika  and her able team  my best wishes with a request to continue their noble job always and forever.


Recently I had to visit Dr. Rishika Chauhan at Sharan Hospital for my regular Eye checkup. After checkup she suggested cataract surgery. And so we planned. At Sharan Hospital the entire process from start to end was seamless. The staff was very courteous helpful and very attentive. Dr. Rishika Chauhan - the way she handles patients is excellent and so soothing That patient feels immensely confident. Dr. Rishika Chauhan is a very experienced Ophthalmologist. At Sharan Hospital the entire experience was very satisfactory. 


My experience at Sharan Hospital surpassed all my expectations. I first came across this hospital for my mother through Practo when I searched for Best Eye Doctor for eye surgery. Now after her laser eye surgery for cataract, I can surely say that I got the treatment done in the best possible manner. Everything from consultation, to surgery, to the post-surgery consultation was all carried out systematically without experiencing any hassel. Dr. Rishika Chauhan was very kind and caring. She clearly laid out all what We should expect in the duration of her treatment before hand itself.

I would totally recommend this hospital for any eye problems. 


 want to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Rishika Chauhan. Thank you so much for your kindness and professional help in helping my eyes to see better and more clearly. I really appreciate your intiative for providing your service and expertise for free cataract operation project to help human kind.


Sharing my experience in Sharan Hospital. Got my mothers cataract surgery done by Dr. Rishika Chauhan. We were explained in details the various types of Lenses and benefits of each. Madam gave us time at every visit. Both eyes operated by Dr. Rishika. I would highly recommend Sharan hospital and Dr. Rishika for any eye problem.


Cataract can happen at any age nowadays. For any disease you need a good treatment and a reliable doctor. In 2018 cataract was detected in both my eyes. Left eye cataract was more. My Uncle referred me to Dr. Rishika Chauhan. Dr. Rishika is one of the best Eye doctors. The best thing about her is she doesn’t treat you like a patient but family. I got both my cataracts done. I received the best treatment for my eye. I found the right doctor at the right time and got the right treatment. 


Very happy with Dr. Rishika Chauhan and treatment we received at Sharan Hospital. My mother was operated for Cataracy both eyes. And my wife also got her DCR Surgery and was admitted in Sharan Hospital. My wife was anxious before surgery. Dr. Rishika explained very calmly and surgery proceeded as planned. Both are doing very well. 


Sharing my experience with Sharan Hospital, located at Ghatkopar West. It's one of the renowned hospital in this area. The hospital caters to all the needs of your eyes with an excellent team of experienced doctors and helpful staffs.
We went there for the Cataract surgery of my mother. Initially she was afraid of operation but Dr. Rishika Chauhan explained her the whole process and convinced her that everything is going to be smooth. Since my mother is a Diabetic and Hypertension patient moreover, her HB level went down at the time of medical examinations. Operating on her both eyes with this medical condition was not lesser than a task.
The operation was successful and my mom is very relieved. Hospital is well equipped with the latest technology equipments and machines.


I recently got operated for cataract and I must say that Dr Rishika is soft spoken , compassionate, and extremely talented. I know very few doctors who are genuine and Dr Rishika Chauhan is one of them. Sharan Hospital is  well maintained and has very helpful staff. Everyone in the hospital is very kind and I feel lucky to be treated by Dr Rishika. I pray to Almighty that he bless her with a lot success.


All our family members go to Sharan Hospital for any eye or orthopaedic problem. Dr. Rishika Chauhan very calmly listens to us , gives her full time for detailed checkup. We get the best treatment at sharan hospital. Dr. Rishika is the best cataract surgeon in mumbai and Ghatkopar. All family members and neighbours have been operated by Dr. Rishika Madam. We have trust only in her. Highly recommend



Best Eye Doctor in Ghatkopar Best eye doctor in Mumbai 

Dr. Rishika Chauhan : Testimonials
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